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Can I come to Work and Learn Spanish in Mexico during Covid-19?

Maybe you have asked yourself this question before. Whether you’re thinking about learning Spanish in Mexico and need to organize your Spanish course in the country, or if you are looking into getting work experience and expanding your network, even if you just want to meet new people and make friends, grab a coffee, sit comfortably and read on!

L&C Spanish Language School in Mexico City is currently teaching Spanish both in-person and online. You can start learning or improving your Spanish skills right away via Zoom, live with an expert native speaker, take our virtual cultural tours and join our Conversation and Networking Club. We’re following every sanitary measure to stay safe when it comes to in-person classes; from disinfecting the facilities before and after class, to using sanitizing gel measuring the temperature of attendants, and wearing masks at all times- safety comes first.   

Now, if you’re ready to come to Mexico, it’s important for you to understand some legalities involved and some time-management tricks to get what you’re looking for and to prevent undergoing high stress due to lack of time. There are important differences in each country to be able to work and study at the same time. For example, in the UK, a Tier 4 visa is granted to international students and they can only work if the program is taught by a higher education institution; you can only work up to 20 hours a week. In France, you can work up to 964 hours during the course of a year and you must pay around 20% in taxes.

So if you have already decided to take this path, congratulations! Students who work and study at the same are usually more independent, sed-assured, and have greater self-esteem. They also develop various competencies in addition to work experience; they gain a greater sense of responsibility and a great ability to do teamwork.

What do I need to work in Mexico? 

Keep in mind the following requirements:

Make sure that your employer notifies the Mexican consulate about the job they’ll give you.

You can apply for a visa renewal every year 

You can get a temporary resident or temporary resident student card at the Instituto

Nacional de Migración (National Immigration Office)

Make sure you get the correct proof of payment according to your application, based on the Federal Law of Fees.

All job offers must include a printed paper stating the general information of the company, details of the future foreign worker, the position, benefits and salary description, as well as a workplace address. 

It is also important that you get some job references. You can ask your previous employer

to help you prepare a proof of employment that gives you the references you need.

If your company is going to hire a foreign employee within Mexico, these are the three basic requirements to fulfill:

Registration of your company before the National Immigration Office (Instituto

Nacional de Migración) as an organization able or willing to hire foreign workers.

To have the appropriate permissions to hire foreign employees. 

How do I get the most out of my Spanish learning and working experience in Mexico?

Remember that being in Mexico your opportunities to practice your Spanish will expand automatically since it’s a Full Immersion setting. Get in touch with one of our agents to ask for a tailor-made program for you, based on your time availability, budget, and interests. 

Here are some tips for you to make the most out of your stay, especially if you’re in this amazing town, Mexico City: 

  • Take every single opportunity to practice the language; whether talking to your Uber driver, doing small talk with that beautiful stranger in the elevator, or ordering food and drinks fully in Spanish, all of this will help you develop your communication skills. 
  • Listen to slow news in Spanish, watch TV series with subtitles in Spanish, Pay attention to announcements at bus and metro stops, stations, stores, and public places; read advertisements and signs of all kinds around the city, you’ll see how quickly things are going to make sense become familiar and will eventually be an automatic part of your skills.  
  • Adopt a learning system that suits your personal style and it’s fun to do. Organizing your notes in different sections or categories will result in an easy reference. 
  • Draw a column for vocabulary, one for expressions and phrases, another one for grammar, and one for slang/informal language. 
  • Start your own glossary at the end of your notebook, organize it alphabetically and write down new words, take notes accordingly. 

Regarding general achievement tips, check these ones out!

  1. Procrastination and not fully finishing tasks will be an obstacle for your short and medium-term goals; being consistent and hard-working is essential to succeed.

2. Taking care of your health will help you prevent setbacks that can cause you to fail to achieve your learning and working goals. Choosing healthy food will prevent you from losing energy, unnecessary tiredness, and illness.

3. Relaxation and a good sleep routine will provide you with the energy and focus you need, and will also keep you in a good mood.

And what about having some fun?

While studying Spanish and working in Mexico, you’ll have access to great places for recreation and fun, as well as cultural spots where you can learn a whole lot.

Find below some ideas:

Movie-time at the Cineteca Nacional!

Why not taking a look at the Complejo Cultural de los Pinos (Los Pinos Cultural Center)?

How about borrowing a city bike to move around?! 

For a very reasonable price, you can enjoy enough leisure time to put aside stress. Listo: you’re about to have a great experience in a beautiful and interesting country!

By: Integriapps.com / Lengua & Cultura

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