Learn Spanish in-Person classes and lessons

Spanish classes with Native Teachers from Lengua y Cultura Spanish School in Mexico City.

✓ Accredited Native Teachers.

✓ Structured Conversational Classes.

✓ Classes with Professional  & Friendly tutors.

    Our Methodolgy

    Tailor-made conversational approach. Our instructors base their teaching on the modern language acquisition theory defined by Professor Stephen Krashen, emeritus at the USC University, USA, as well as Psychologist Lev Vigotsky, who unraveled the way human communication actually takes place.

    Language Instructors

    We have chosen the highest qualified and experienced language instructors, all native speakers with a great deal of teaching techniques to address every learning need and style.

    Additionally, come to Mexico City for a Full Immersion Experience. 
    Enjoy practicing your Spanish while exploring this amazing city! Visit the ancient archeological sites, practice ordering at a café, bar, restaurant or shopping. Navigate the Spanish speaking world with a new, powerful tool: Spanish Language.

    ¡Te esperamos!

    (We´re waiting for you!)

    Our Company

    “A gem of a school - cannot recommend it more highly. They completely accommodated my schedule of 4 days available for lessons with 3 days of 3hr group sessions and 1 two hour private lesson on day 4. Group lessons ranged from 2 to 4 people. Both my instructors Lidia & Oscar were excellent. On the last day of our group class, Lidia first prepared us and then took us to a nearby market. Really enhanced my Mexico City experience. School in the morning, sightseeing in the afternoon / evening and then dinner at some wonderful restaurants. My advice - Do yourself a favor - visit Mexico City and take a Spanish lesson from Lengua & Cultura while you are there.”

    John Rinehart

    “I'm currently taking a Pre Intermediate course at Lengua y Cultura. I have enjoyed the lessons and especially with Edgar who has proved to be not only patient but well prepared. This has been very motivating for Spanish learning. He has focused on not only grammar but also made sure that there was production as well. He also grades his language and is tolerant of error which has been most encouraging. Also, I'm a very experienced and qualified English teacher and teacher trainer so I know a professional teacher when I see one!

    The school also has great hours for people who have FULL TIME PROFESSIONAL JOBS in the city which I think may account for a large percentage of the immigrant population who yes, are in Mexico City because they are highly qualified in their field. This is in capitals because I've been looking for a Saturday class for years as it is challenging for me to study during the week as I am one of those people with a heavy work schedule and responsibilities. I initially started on an evening course and Lengua y Cultura have been very flexible at helping me transfer to a Saturday course.”

    Liz Fishwick

    “I'm currently only one and a half weeks into my class, and I feel like my relationship with Mexico City has been completely revolutionized. I feel much more confident engaging with people here, and seeking out new experiences.

    I'm signed up for the full three weeks intensive course (from 9am-12pm). Luis, the course instructor, is incredible. He is so knowledgeable and speaks at a very comfortable speed for me to understand. We do a range of activities in class and have some homework (which I try to remember to do!), but mostly we have conversations in class. It doesn't hurt that the other students in class are also so interesting. Marco, who runs the program, is also so helpful, kind, and attentive to each student's individual needs.

    I've liked the school so much that I've added some private classes, too. I may continue here, in some capacity, for months...who knows. If you're interested in becoming more comfortable in Spanish, I highly recommend that you look into this school!! :D”

    Lauren Elizabeth Horst